750 Series
With response times as low as < 2 mS and Life span of 500 million cycles, the 750 series can be configured with single inlet and 1, 2, 4 or 8 independently controlled outlets. It is possible to alter the valve to have 8 inlets and a single outlet where gas mixing is required. The compact profile and versatility of this valve family makes it highly suitable for bio-medical or laboratory equipment. Ideally suited for Robotics, pick-and-place, automatic assembly machines etc. Due to its internal construction, the valve performs with incredible repeatability throughout its entire life of 500,000,000 cycles. Helps maintain high levels of up-time especially in equipment that operates 24/7. This series is available for both pressure and vacuum applications.

Highly customer focused, Matrix is widely known for its superb engineering solutions for motion control, automation, bio-medical and automotive injection for LPG/CNG engines. The valves are superbly engineered for the most demanding OEM applications where ultra high speed, uncompromising reliability and ultra long life are warranted.
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MATRIX multi-outlet, ultra-high speed valves are perfectly suited for demanding Automation, Bio-Medical and Automotive alternative fuel engines applications. Test our engineering capabilities today!.
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