890 Series
Superbly crafted, this series is an upgraded version of the existing 850 series. These valves are 2-position, 2-way valves with a total flow of 1620 LPM or 57 SCFM. Ideally suited for high speed sorting applications for their quick response [ < 1 mS] and long life [ 500 million cycles] these valves are capable of high performance at 800hz. Special configurations can meet requirements of 1000 + Hz and response times of 0.25 mS. Like all MATRIX valves, they do not deviate in performance throughout their life and their repeatability makes them the valve of choice for high speed sorting of everything from grains to e-waste.

Highly customer focused, Matrix is widely known for its superb engineering solutions for motion control, automation, bio-medical and automotive injection for LPG/CNG engines. The valves are superbly engineered for the most demanding OEM applications where ultra high speed, uncompromising reliability and ultra long life are warranted.
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890 Series
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MATRIX multi-outlet, ultra-high speed valves are perfectly suited for demanding Automation, Bio-Medical and Automotive alternative fuel engines applications. Test our engineering capabilities today!.