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Matrix is an innovative company known globally as a provider of creative products to OEM customers for their unique markets. The markets fall into 3 broad categories: Automation [various], Bio-medical [ventilators, mattresses, post-operative massage devises] and Automotive [injectors and complete systems including electronic control modules for HYBRID cars, buses and trucks that use LPG or CNG]. These uniquely constructed and patented products are engineered and manufactured to the most exacting high standards and work maintenance free in the most demanding of applications.

The MATRIX product line is known worldwide for its ultra long life [minimum of 500,000,000 cycles], ultra fast response [< 0.25 mS] and 100% repeatability throughout its useful life. These valves are extremely compact [8 valves fit in a 2.5 inch cube] and have very low power consumption [as low as 0.8 watts]. Due to their reliability and rugged construction, it is not uncommon for a valve to last 10 years or more without any deterioration in operating characteristics.

With over 40 years of experience, Matrix has enabled customers to implement the most optimum solutions with the least total cost-in-use. Highly skilled and creative technical staff, have developed products uniquely suited for each application. Private labeling is based on annual volume with possibilities for "proprietary" products.

Matrix is supported in North America and Mexico by David & David located in Los Angeles, California. Mohan David, President, is a 30 year veteran of the Fluid Power industry. He holds a Mechanical Engineering degree and an MBA in Marketing and Operations Research from Rutgers University, NJ. He has held key senior management positions in various international fluid power companies before starting David & David over a decade ago.

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MATRIX multi-outlet, ultra-high speed valves are perfectly suited for demanding Automation, Bio-Medical and Automotive alternative fuel engines applications. Test our engineering capabilities today!.