LPG/CNG fuel injectors for cars and trucks
The ultra accurate, proportional flow control MATRIX valves, have been widely accepted by the automotive industry worldwide for injecting LPG or CNG in car and truck engines. They are extremely long lasting [over 500,000,000 cycles] with a 100% repeatability over their life span, with flow ranges of 95 to 185 LPM per nozzle. This family of injectors covers a wide range of requirements - all of which can be tailored for each OEM and aftermarket application. Matrix also engineers and manufactures the Electronic Control Modules to match each application. These products are manufactured to exacting high standards and meet the stringent requirements of the automotive industry. They are extremely compact so they can be fitted in tight spaces and can endure temperatures of minus 40 degrees [C/F]. Due to their light weight, these injectors can be mounted in-line on the fuel tube - earning the name FLYING INJECTORS. Gaseous fuel filters, Electronic Control Modules, CNG pressure reducers, LPG pressure reducers, fuel rails, temperature and pressure sensors etc., are part of MATRIX' repertoire.

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MATRIX multi-outlet, ultra-high speed valves are perfectly suited for demanding Automation, Bio-Medical and Automotive alternative fuel engines applications. Test our engineering capabilities today!.