Matrix, multi-outlet valves are engineered for the most demanding OEM applications where ultra high speed, uncompromising reliability, perfect repeatability [for every cycle of its life] and ultra long life [500 million cycles] are of major importance. Matrix also provides complete plug n' play manifolds with ultra high speed valves for high speed sorting equipment. This helps cut down significantly on assembly and testing at the OEM. Using their sophisticated proportional valve technology, they also provide ultra precise fuel injection systems for alternate fuel engines using LPG or CNG. Electronic Control Modules for alternate fuel injection systems are also part of the offering.

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Featured Products
Sorting manifolds
Save time and assembly costs with MATRIX plug n play manifolds fitted with ultra high speed valves for sorting.  
LPG/CNG fuel injectors for cars and trucks
MATRIX offers the most advanced and comprehensive line of products for LPG/CNG fuel injectors.
Proportional Pressure Controllers
These ultra precise devices are ideal for industrial use. They can be computer controlled and are field adjustable.