Proportional Pressure Controllers
The EPR 200, 300, and 500 series proportional pressure controllers (Shown here mounted on flow boosters) are direct operated and are designed to maintain outlet pressures within very precise limits. The integrated microprocessor is capable of processing the inputs to perform complex functions. They interface seamlessly with other industrial process control systems and can operate on 0 to 5, 0 to10 VDC or 4 - 20 mA signals via keypad or RS232 port and can be fitted with M12 or DIN 43651 connectors with IP 65 rating.

They regulate the outlet pressure by constantly comparing the set point with the actual output pressure and make precise and rapid adjustments to the pressure in 5 mS and within 1% of set pressure.

These units integrate perfectly with analog and digital systems. They are simple to setup and easily programmed in the field which gives them the capability of providing different pressures during various stages in a process. Built-in safety features cause the unit to shutdown when inlet pressure falls below requirements.

As with all MATRIX products, these products are rugged, reliable with a high degree of repeatability throughout their life of 500 million cycles. These units are successfully being used by a large automotive manufacturer for precision clamping on welding fixtures. Remote monitoring, control of pilot operated systems, actuator positioning, pneumatic brake control etc are some of the applications for this versatile and compact device.

Flow rates are 150 to 500 LPM at 6 bar. The maximum inlet pressure is 8 bar and the unit can operate in -10 to +50 deg. C environments.

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